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Payment And Refund Policy


A personal wallet account can be opened for everyone who creates a membership on our website. People can deposit money into their wallets whenever they want with the appropriate payment methods on our website. Users who are members of our site can shop directly from our platform.

If a user spends some money deposited into the wallet account, the remaining money can not be refunded. The user must spend the remaining amount on the site. For example, a user who deposits $100 in the wallet can not claim a refund remaining $95 after spending $5.

Users cannot transfer the balance in their DigoClub wallets to another user's wallet or request the transfer of their balance to another user. DigoClub wallet balance can only be used for shopping on the site.


The product is exchanged or the product price is refunded to the user's wallet in the below cases for the digital products sold by DigoClub. In other cases, there is no refund.

-         In case of the product is not delivered,

-         If the product is defective or missing (After the necessary verification processes by DigoClub),

-         All refunds are made primarily to the DigoClub wallet. The user has to make a notification from the user panel in order to get his money transferred to his bank account. The refund amount is transferred to the user's bank account 24 hours after the notification to DigoClub.

-         You can contact [email protected] if you have a problem with an item you bought from DigoClub.

-         DigoClub undertakes to return to users within 48 hours at the latest in case of problems related to the products.

-         DigoClub only makes refunds to credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts or global wallets integrated with our website. For example, a user cannot request a refund to the account of bank Y after shopping with an X bank card.

-         All products on the DigoClub platform are under the DigoClub guarantee and are delivered to the end user digitally. All kinds of problems experienced by users are solved by DigoClub.