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Payment And Refund Policy


A personal wallet account can be opened for everyone who creates a membership on our website. People can deposit money into their wallets whenever they want with the appropriate payment methods on our website. Users who are members of our site can shop directly from the site or shop through advertisements published by other users on the site.

If a user spends some of the money deposited into the wallet account, the remaining amount of money can not be refunded. The user must spend the remaining amount within the site. For example, a user who deposits $100 in the wallet can not claim a refund of the remaining $95 after spending $5.


The product is exchanged or the product price is returned to the user's wallet in the below cases for the digital products which are sold by Digoclub. In other cases, there is no refund.

-         In case of the product could not be delivered

-         If the product is defective or missing (After the necessary verification processes by Digoclub)


In the peer-to-peer trading system;

-         A user (Seller) advertises in categories determined by Digoclub to sell his or her own product.

-         Another user (Buyer) wants to buy the relevant product.

-         Digoclub provides a safe environment for parties to exchange.

-         If the parties agree on the price, the buyer deposits the money in the seller's wallet account to purchase the relevant product.

-         In the next step, Digoclub transfers the money to the blocked account and keeps it there for 24 hours.

-         After the buyer notifies that he/she has received the product in accordance with the conditions previously agreed between the parties, the money in the blocked account is transferred to the wallet of the seller.)

-         Then the seller submits a cash withdrawal request for the money kept by our system.

-         Digoclub sends the money to the seller's account registered in the system.

·        If the seller does not deliver the product to the buyer, the product fee deposited by the buyer is sent back to the buyer's wallet account.

·        Under the circumstance where the seller delivers the product to the buyer, but the buyer has given up on purchasing the product after the sale, no refund will be provided.

·        If the seller refuses to sell the product after the buyer transfers the money to the account, the amount deposited by the buyer is returned to the buyer's wallet account.)                              

·        After a transaction between the buyer and the seller, if the seller takes the product back from the buyer in fraudulent and inappropriate ways and this activity is detected by Digoclub, the buyer is entitled to a full refund.

·        After the product and money transfer between the seller and the buyer is completed, if the seller takes back the product sold by fraudulent methods and the buyer proves this fraud to Digoclub with documents, the fee paid by the buyer is taken from the seller’s wallet and returned to the buyer’s wallet. If the seller does not have enough money in the wallet, Digoclub acts as a mediator between the parties. If the parties agree on the solution to the problem, DigoClub's mediation responsibility will come to an end at this stage. In case of disagreement, the necessary support is provided by the Digoclub team so that the buyer can start legal action.

All transactions made through the site are under the guarantee of Digoclub. Digoclub is responsible for all verifications and shopping security. Complaints regarding any transaction that cannot be verified by Digoclub are deemed invalid.